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Not to mention shooting people IS ACTUALLY FUN.

The gameplay in GTA IV completely stomps the shit out of the previous GTA games, they've refined everything instead of just chucking in the same features(vigilante, paramedic, taxi misssions, driving school, gym, triathalon) as the previous ones. All of these things where boring and very sloppily made. The only thing I can think of that I really miss is the parachute, but that's no big deal. The next GTA games will add more features, more things to do, but they will polish them this time, like they did with the shooting, driving, story, characters, physics, detail and graphics in GTA IV.

EDIT: For the record I'll probably purchase Saint's Row 2, I love my crazy shit as much as the next guy.
I think we should stop comparing these games and respect them for what they are. They are really very different. GTA IV for the realism, characters, story, humor etc. whereas Saint's Row 2 will be good when pissed with a couple of mates, just fucking around doing completely retarded shit.

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