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LolZZzzZ!!11 DaY C0p13D SaN AnDr3A5 w1f dA Ba5e JuMp1n9!!11! FTW!!1! GTA PwNzzZ!!!1!

God bless you, fan boys. Keep up the great work.

If people want to be a whiney little bitch and nit pick all of the stuff that Saints Row "stole" from GTA and miss out on SR2 then it really is your loss.I am sure SR2 will be even better than part 1. Saints Row 1 wasn't perfect but it was FUN to play. EASILY the best GTA "clone" on the market. The SR2 video is correct. Give me base jumping over watching TV in a video game, give me throwing people over a cabaret club etc.

Wild and outrageous shit= FUN.

Watching TV and going to Caberat clubs= Ummm. Do I have to?

(For the record, I favour GTA over SR but I tell it like it is and give credit to BOTH games. Well not in this post though)
eKs BokS PWnZZz PeE EsS Fre3 8ut Fre3 SiksTy u83r PwnZz Pl@yS7a710n Fr33 LolZZzZ.

G7a @1s0 PwnZ 5A1n7s R0w!!!111!!1 FTW!
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