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Update/Patch Wishlist

With GTA IV being the first console version of GTA that is able to receive updates and patches via online services, I see no reason why we couldn't make up a list of technical issues that need resolving or perhaps even small improvements made to better the game (nothing silly like "100 MORE INTERIORS TO EXPLORE!"). Nothing should constitute actually making additions or drastic changes to the game. So if you come across any issues you think could/should be resolved, post them here and I'll constantly keep an updated list in this first post.

If the list becomes rather excessive, I may categorize suggestions for better organization.

The List ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Standing/Crouching on Moving Boats: Physically, it is wrong to not be able to stand on a boat in motion. In the game, (especially looking at this in multiplayer) the player will slide backwards as the boat accelerates forward, result being one wet player. While on the "Tug" and "Reefer", I have even experienced walking/sliding through the rear walls of the bridge areas after de-piloting the boat while in motion.
  • Standing/Crouching in Areas of Specific Cars: Though generally speaking, yes this is unrealistic, standing on the hood or roof of a car and falling off while the car is in motion, but this should not apply for crouching in the beds on certain trucks.

  • Texture/Model Pop-Ins: No specific circumstances.

  • Inconsistent Frame Rate: Even with little action on screen (consider little action a few vehicles blowing up), frame rate is unstable, especially when many particles are present. Frame rate is more specifically an issue with the PlayStation 3 version of the game (at least to my knowledge), and though the game is huge, the technology is far too good for the game's average performance.

  • Make Use of Unused Police Stations/Hospitals: I've noticed there are extra hospitals (possibly police stations, but I myself am not sure), that are not made use of in the game. I purposely had the player killed in front of one in I believe Castle Garden City in Algonquin and I spawned at the one off Albany Ave. in either Easton or Lancet. This doesn't seem to make sense and though the player is totally in control, sort of limits you from exploring different areas of the city. When you spawn at the same hospital over and over again, it gets old and boring, you go the same ways, see the same scenery, etc.

  • Motorcycle Reverse Pose: The player's pose while reversing on a motorcycle is the same as that of a car, so it appears that the player's arm is resting on an invisible passenger seat of a car.

  • Revamped Multiplayer Menu & Setup + Glitches: Though great for other things, the cell phone is not quite the best activating and entering a multiplayer game. The transition from single player to multiplayer is simply too much and can take awhile to load. These loading times can become especially annoying if you happen to find yourself entering a game that no longer exists and being forced right back into single player, where the process starts over. Why not be redirected to a multiplayer menu implemented on the game's pause menu, so you don't have to go through all the trouble of reloading another multiplayer game just to have the same thing happen again. Failure to even load games at all have occurred and resulted in the same redirection to single player. Autosaving single player right before entering a multiplayer game would be nice too, so you don't have to return to your safehouse to save any single player progress.

    Players have been known to leave the game in the middle of a match before. Typically due to poor playing, anyone who does leave before the match has ended could be "fined" a given amount of money, of course only for ranked matches.

    Another uncontrollable problem is team balances, you could enter the lobby with say 4 teams of 4 people, but once those 10 seconds start counting down, you'll see 12 people all jump to one team, resulting in an unbalanced game. Ranked matches could be automatically team balanced based on level and skill, or if not even by statistics, just randomly balanced, say by the last 5 seconds of the countdown until the game begins.

    Multiplayer matches can experience a significant amount of lag due to international players. An option to find games and play with players only within your region could provide for a better experience with less lag.

    In certain game types, the play area lacks on nearby, parked vehicles, requiring players to run halfway across the play area to pick one up. No one likes to run around too long to find a car.

  • Floating Blood: On occasion, blood from hit and run victims becomes "stuck" to the air, rather than splattered onto the vehicle.

  • Hovering Pedestrians: In the water, deceased pedestrians and especially with LCPD officers lost in the line of duty, do not seem to flow with the wake of the water, but rather float at the point the water was at when they fell in, so with heavy wake, there are points where their backs float at the water level, and points where their whole body floats above the water level. Fallen officers from helicopters is a good way to take notice of this.

Remember, this is not a list to point GTA IV's bad points, but to note realistic improvements that can very possibly be made and distributed to enhance the game's performance for a more enjoyable experience.

Also, if you have anything specific you'd like to add to a "description" of a listed item, please say so each issue can be come clearer to understand; a picture or video would be great too!
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