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I would like the ability to store weapons in the safe houses or in the boot of a car so that if I get caught by the police I will not lose all my weapons totally. It is so fustrating having to buy or collect them all over again.

Ability to knock any cute girls on the streets out and bring them to a quiet place of town.
Feel the controller shake when I am in the car with a prosititute doing a business transaction with her. Let the car shake also.

the fire extinguisher was fun to use bring that back also I want to help put out the fire that I started.

If I can have back up I hope to have more at least let me choose how many I want up till a max of 10 would be fun Its like in the movie when I walk in front with a big gang of men walking behind me and anyone sees us coming dares not to move.

Have a call girl service let the prostitutes come to us with a phone call more expensive I don't mind if my phone has got a camara I expect her to send me her pic before I confirm her

I do not know if you had too much to do in this title but alot of things can be added in. You have done a good job on this title maybe I expected more but I know you will produce results come on give us what we want.
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