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List of things not previously mentioned

Dear Rockstar,

You read these forums and are working will be working on the DLC soon or as we speak. Here is some stuff I didn't see on this thread that I would like to see in the game. PS some of the stuff I contribute has been mentioned, but to reinforce I will repeat a little.

NYC has some things that LC doesn't that I would love to see.

I love the people playing chess in central park. It would be cool to play those people for money in middle park and also to play friends in multiplayer. Imagine having your chess game interrupted by some other gamer walking up and shooting both of you.
I miss the dancing from SA, I want to go into the club in Northwood where Dwayne and Little Jacob like to go.
I want to get drunk in a more realistic way, sitting at the bar (choose pisswasser or logger beer or vodka...etc and drink bottle after bottle)
It would be awesome for the museum of natural history to open and I know this is ridiculous, but possible. How about the tom hanks planetarium show got spoofed. If you've been to the Museum of Natural History in NYC you know what I mean. That would be cool.
It's been said before, but seriously...gambling was a given for the game. Where is it R*? How could that not be in here. Atlantic City, Online Gambling....How come Roman can gamble and we can't. Niko isn't that principled, c'mon. I'm sure he would play every once in a while.
It would be cool to turn drunk mode on and off with a alcotine patch! LOL!
Two words: Katana Blade
It would be cool for the missions to be all about the Yakuza. I miss the Yakuza...bad! Oh! and the Yakuza have the casino in GTAIII, it's perfect! People would want DLC so bad.
How about movie theaters and you could watch 5 min short films, not many. It would just be great to do the dinner and a movie date, then get her wasted and......why can I sleep with prostitutes in the car and not girlfriends. That would be cool not to have to even go upstairs for coffee. She gets drunk and climbs on you in the car

Also the multiplayer could have more depth.

I want to get drunk in multiplayer and I want to go bowling play pool and everything else you can do with AI friends with fellow gamers. Maybe each of the games could be a multiplayer mode? I know you can do this. Please!
I want a pacifist multiplayer mode: you can't kill anyone. Only car crashes kill. (maybe this wouldn't work, I know there is a friendly fire option)
COD4 connects me all the time no problem, what is going on with GTA4 multiplayer for 360? Also I read somewhere on here that the PS3 Multi is screwed too.

that's all I have.....sorry it's a lot, it would be cool if there were new cities or islands. Rock* doesn't need to make another game for the system, they could keep adding on to this one. VC, SA and new characters and storylines for each. I don't know if that is really feasable. I wish R* would tell us what they have in mind. This is what I would do.
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