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A map editor like in Halo3 where a host can go into the game and place weapons, vehicles and items around the city. Also with the ability to save your game mode as a new multiplayer game type for future use.

I would like to see some of the special function vehicles come back.

Tank: I know a lot dont want it in the game but having a tank battle in the game would be really awesome. Just like that old arcade game called Tokyo Wars. Just something extra that would extend the life of the multiplayer.

Sea Chopper: I want the pontoon helicopter back that can land on the water.

Cargo Helicopter: Another thing to extend the life of the multiplayer. The ability to move vehicles to locations otherwise unreachable by said vehicle was a great addition to San Andreas and would be a great addition to IV.

Functional Tractor with several trailer types. I want to be able to drive that logging truck that they use in the chase mission scripts.

Functional bulldozer, dump truck, fork lift and crane truck.

Functional ladder truck

A seado to help round out the water aspect of the game.

I want the stormy seas of San Andreas back. The wave height is only about half that of San Andreas.

A sigle player mansion to store all the special vehicles and weapons you find in the game.

I want to be able to use the whole cell phone functionality in multiplayer. I want to be able to dill 911 for polic, fire and ambulance assistance.

Finally I would like them to rework the physics engine so that you can walk around on vehicles that are moving. Not to the extent of previous game but you should be able to walk around on the tug boat while someone else is driving it.

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