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Post Skateparks Here

I found some pretty good skatebparks around liberty city, and most of them are based off of real ones 2 (R*'s attention to detail)

1. Broker Banks
Based off of the Brooklyn Banks
Located directly under the bridge in Algonquin in Fishmarket South, it should straight from the downhill road at the sides of the bridge entrance, look for the Graffiti "Backside Skateboards", it should be inside the barriers

2. Golden Piers Skate Park
Based off of Chelsea Piers skatepark
Located in the Meat Quarter, go down the road till u see GOLDEN PIERS, and head around the building and u should see it off in the distance, its on a pier and the entrance is near the sides and back

fun fact?: Backside Skateboards looks like a spoof off of Plan B

Snap Map:
Click here to view the SnapMap

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