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Originally Posted by Jacobs Supplier View Post
Instead of a new island i think they should finish what is there it seems to me ALOT of stores, particularly in alderney were slapped together at the last minute... they look good driving by them, but when you go up to them they are these 2D "stickers" pasted to the windows and they look horrendous!!

So i say forget a new area they should do the interiors of buildings and stores! new clothing stores (wheres didier sachs?), REAL restuarants (not burgershits), & more bars, and activities to do with your buddies!!

thats all i want besides new missions...
This is a good point. There is a lot to the city that wasn't used - in every area. I'd like to see a little more time spent in the pj's, a la The Wire.

I still haven't finished the game and I don't own a 360, so my continued fascination with this thread baffles me.
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