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Originally Posted by nYgel View Post

also, whomever said Niko doesn't make enough to own a house
finish the game, and see how many hundred g's you have
yeah but despite that fact, RPGs are so expensive and i managed to get arrested by the cops after completing storyline (only happened twice!) and it cost me well over $100k to replace all my weapons and stuff
money is too hard to come by (unless you attack the armoured trucks)

as for DLC: i hope the PS3 gets something cool seeing as it all started with sony...tho maybe not! i would like to see some more weapons, as well as interiors, and base jumping off the ESB! and more choppers, so far i think there are only 3 kinds? Helitours, military and random one on helipad in algonquin. the chopper needs missiles!!!
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