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Originally Posted by ash_735 View Post
Are Little Jacobs drug delivery missions required? I had around 30% before and done the 20 Vigilante Missions and finished off Little Jacobs Drug Deliveries and now I'm around 35%.
Right here:
Originally Posted by AUAnonymous View Post

Edited 100% Checklist (Thanks to ChandlerBing)

Story Missions - 60%
Complete all 90 Story Missions.

Complete 4 Procedural Missions - 8%
Little Jacob's Drug Delivery - 2%
Brucie's 10 Car Exports - 2%
Brucie Races - 2%
Assassinations - 2%

Car Thefts - 2%
Deliver all 30 vehicles to the garage.

Friends - 10%
Open all unique abilities and complete all activities and get their Like to 100% (except for Roman & Dwayne).

Activities - 5%
Beat computer or Friend at all activities once:
Darts vs friend or computer win - 1.25%
Bowling vs friend in a FULL round win - 1.25%
Pool vs friend or computer win - 1.25%
QUB3D beat high score - 1.25%

Random Characters - 5%

Find all the RCs and complete their encounter missions (except Jeff, Cherise Clarence & Ivan)

Most Wanted - 2.5%
Kill all 30 PEDs on list

Vigilante - 2.5%
Complete 20 crimes (don't need to be done continuously)

Flying Rats - 2.5%
Find all 200 pigeons.

Unique Stunt Jumps - 2.5%
Complete all 50 jumps.

Total = 100%
Originally Posted by bennifer3000 View Post
I have 100%, but I checked the Social Club afterward and it said 42%, then it said 90%, and now it's saying 1%.

What the blazes Rockstar. What the blazes.
Yeah, I've ZIT'ed 4 songs now and I just got an email notifying me of one that I did 5 days ago, but no others.

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