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ok heres my opinion

no new islands or going to other ones, eg vice city would be way too much to ask

new radio, serious rockstar, i saw avenged sevenfold and i was cheering until it didnt make the final cut

new clothes, some variation

TRIP SKIP, like far out i love that in san andreas, you fail a mission so u dont have to drive all that boring distance again

new weapons would be sweet, love what uve done so far, just expand

BRING BACK THE CHEETAH, we should get a petition with badges and shirts going

obviously new missions, something to do with alderney prison? aye

an easier way to make money, like once the games over ur sittin on making 250 bucks a pop whats that

a two stroke sanchez would be nice, im sick of the lame 4 stroke ones, in other words, how they used to sound in previous gta's

ill add if i find anything else

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