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Sounds fishy...

... But i'm going to attempt it anyway ... well, my girlfriend is as she's more daring than I am ...

Not entirely gta4 retail related, as im buying it off a friend of mine (he pre-ordered 2 copies of the special edition in order to get it on day of arrival) but is more ps3 related

Apparently a small company is selling ps3 with 5 games and 4 controllers for 200 as a promotion. I had not heard this company before but I was provided a link to the website to verify that it's actually a legit company. But such a small price for a ps3? We could sell the games when weve got them making it an incredibly cheap ps3 (as normally its something like 300 inc one game?). Once payment has gone through they will be shipping via UPS and providing a tracking number (so they can't claim 'it got lost in the post') so with everything being confirmed and tracked it seems real. But still very iffy, which is why I feel the need to post about it.

Will let you know what happened with this once I find out myself.. here's hoping it's true!
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