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Ive been thinkin about this forever, Screw new GTA games every few years. They should honestly devote one whole system, called like , "Life" or something where you could go anything in GTA you could ever imagine, but instead of small maps they should make the whole world available. and instead of differnt servers, have some kind of master server to accompany everyone. In the game it would be your choice to go around killin cops and doing psychotic missions, OR you could just simply go to the pool hall and have a good game of pool vs friends or computers. See instead of having seperate games for the same console, make one console with all possibilities already on it. It would be an immense project but im sure it would be worth it. Then after that ensure it can be patched and everyone playing ANYthing could just as simply get run up on by a digital gang doing a crime spree across North America. you guys feel it?
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