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60 GB PS3 Launch Model - GTA 4 Will NOT run

I purchased my 60 GB PS3 at launch, and up to now I've never had a single problem with my PS3 on any game, movie, or CD. Never. Until now.

Four (4) exchanges of GTA 4, and the game will not run. I installed the patch 1.01, same result. I reformatted the drive. Same result. Followed recommended 12 steps, same result. I'm rendering at the standard 480i, no internet enabled, all features shut off, ...and it still won't run more than 20 seconds without video freezing and/or the console shutting down.

I'm still waiting (along with many others) with a $100 game that doesn't work.

Personally, I think Rockstar should give a new 80 GB PS3 to every last affected player. We put up with a lot with the bugs, the glitches, the misinformation, the mischaracterization of the actual defect....and still give you money to make us happy and believe in your products.

That can change. Bully was unbelievable. GTA IV is simply inexcuseable.
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