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calumn has a little shameless behaviour in the past
Some info:
-I too own the PS3 PAL version. (bought on launch, signed up after 20 minutes of release.

- I can toggle between clothed / zombie characters by pressing the L1 button.
-the zombie model options are very limited to that of a clothed model. hats and sunglasses/shades (maybe more will become available at higher ranks)
- Not sure if the Zombie model is available to the selected few at Rank 0, as I only noticed the 'L1, Zombie' after gaining my first rank.
- Ever since using the Zombie option, the cash i earn through online multiplayer doesnt seem to keep (disappears once I log in from the night before, although this may be thanks to me turning my playstation3 off via the plug socket instead of actually quitting the online play)
- Im at Rank 1.
- I dont like to blow my own horn, but I am one of the better online players. (hidden online achievments maybe)
- I have only ever played Deathmatch and Freeroam game modes.
- I won my first 10 online matches. (sorry, but this might help)
- I havent completed the Storyline.
- Im 50% through.

and thats pretty much everything there is that could affect the option to use the zombie.
I think

- Calumn

PSNID: CalumnJohnston
oh, and everyone I've spoken who has the option to press L1, has a playstation 3.
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