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GTA Holster, add-on for GTA IV or GTA V ?

Yesterday on GameSpot forums, a member talked about a GTA Holster.

He say that :

Yeah people ! heard what i said !!!!

I thought about just leaving a message in the GTA topic, but i think this message should be highlighted haha

anywayz, yesterday was the Rockstar press conference, and lots of news came, but the most important and the less explained in the interview was "The Holster"

Actually when the conference ended, Sam Houser said "The Holster in 80 days, thank you" and he left without leaving more info.

There's a possibility The Holster is just a new game made by Rockstar, but knowing that "Holster" is an important word in the game (I'm not gonna spoil it for those who didn't end it yet ), it's probably the First add-on to GTA IV. and i'm really excited about this.

Apparently it's just half a map added, (the other half will be on the 2nd add-on) and a little bigger story

I'm really hoping it's that cause i'm already at the end ... and haven't slept in 3 days !!!
I think it is an add-on with a new island of Liberty City, the last island of NYC which is not in the game.
And maybe new weapon and car !

And you ?
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