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Originally Posted by krislicoque View Post
Hello there,

For some reason my old user was deleted, so I made a new one in order to create this thread.

I've always been playing the GTA games on PlayStation, but I'm in doubt now. I will buy one of the systems in order to play GTA4 - but which?

I have some questions:
What extra content will Xbox360 get that PS3 doesn't?

How does the online community compares (Live is obviously much larger than PS3 Network), and will it matter for this game?

What is the achivements I've been reading about on Xbox, and what influence on the game do they have?

How much better are the graphics on PS3?

I'm obviously leaning towards PS3, but I need to get these things straight before I buy it. I do not care about other games on the systems, I'm buying it solely for the purpose of GTA4.

Thanks a lot.
personally i gt both systems and 360 blows outa water the ps3
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