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Originally Posted by jonanovi View Post
Guess what happened to me today??? I got a copy of GTA IV, of course, and upon turning on my XBOX, I granted with a lovely ring of red light!

Better yet, my warranty is no longer valid!

I hardly even use the XBOX other than for DVDs every once in a while...

BEFORE YOU GO OUT AND BUY A NEW ONE...make sure you really have the actual RROD. Sometimes you can get the red rings, but it may be no more than a harddrive issue, or a power issue. Different combinations of red rings mean different things. Check microsofts website for a list of what all of the lights mean. I think the RROD is in quadrants 2, 3, and 4, but im not quite sure. Just be sure it is actually what it is before you buy new. And it is covered under warranty. Microsoft updated their warranty just for this issue. Ive had this happen twice, so i feel ya man.
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