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Originally Posted by MyNameIsRamone View Post
I would like to be able to do a simple handbrake turn without crashing into a tree.
You can do it but it takes practice.

I think you have to slow down then use it to kick the back end out whilst holding the steering in the opposite direction and revving the accelerator.

It can only be done with certain cars like the rear wheel drive ones but remember just to tap the handbrake once. Works for me.

Back on Topic:

For my wish list on the down loadable content would have to be the ability to travel to Vice city and later San Andreas rather than releasing individual games like they did previously. It should be doable and you would definitely need a hard drive.

It'd be great if they did and then we can actually use the airports for something rather than have them there purely for aesthetic reasons like it seems to be.

What i can foresee being the down loadable content is weapons, cars, clothes, and episodes.
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