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Bugs and Glitches in GTA IV.

The official GTA IV bugs and glitches topic!
"The good, the bad, and the out right annoying!"

Hello community! Welcome to the official "bugs & glitches" topic! Almost all GTA games have had different bugs and glitches and some of them can be pretty cool, so I started this topic to list all glitches and bugs in GTA IV, if you find something submit it in this thread.

No doubt, in a few weeks we will have found tones of these glitches, so yeah lets work together and find them all, also if someone from another website happens to post their findings also feel free to submit it in this thread.

Found so far:

Found by wictro:
When i watched TV in Romans apartment, Nikos head was shaking spastically nonstop (on the third person view). Haven't tried other TVs this far.

Solution none

Chairs in "Love Triangle" strip club have zero hitpoints.
If you walk "hugging" the back of the seats, you tear pieces of them.
The reason is propably that they din't put hitpoints on the chair, or didn't put em enough.

Solution none

Found by iKlipse:
Pedestrians disappearing and re-appearing as if one view of them shows them as a solid textured object, another view as invisable. Its not that common but I've really only noticed it inside buildings such as Burger Shot and the Hospital.

Solution none

found by phexitol
Minor spoiler if you haven't beaten the first few missions.
Frozen stripper - accept her offer for a private dance, follow her a few feet, then turn and walk the other way a few feet, then go ahead and catch up to her. Don't know if this was because I was on a mission or not. She was breathing, but was otherwise motionless. I pushed her around (was going to see if I could push her outside), but I got her stuck in a corner. I didn't try punching her, but I did run at her and she stayed frozen.

Solution none

found by d_winch
Across the road from Roman's taxi depot there is a sort of open building with a roof. Go underneath and climb on the telephone box. Niko will go up into the roof and jump about a few times then fall next to the building.

Solution none

found by Taustin Powers
Car Radio: There were two instances yesterday where the game couldn't manage to switch the radio station. I just got the static/mix sound that it makes in between stations non stop.

Solution none

found by Black_Hayate
If you strike a pedestrian with your vehicle where it can be dented (The left, or right side of bumpers for example...),and blood appears there and then you dent it, the blood may just hover there as if the car still had that are intact.

Solution none

Found by dillinja
Killed a fireman once and his body didn't disapear from that spot unitl i stoped playing and came back to the game later on.

Solution Exit the game and enter the game again.

found by Jakenz
ok just doing a mission for brucie. had to steal a car and bring it to the garage.
killed anyone chasing me
my heath and the car were fucked after the encounter
i had low heath so i went to clukkinbell left clukkibell and the car was perfect!

Solution none

Found by Neil
The only bug I've noticed so far was a street lamp that was penetrating the overhead subway line in Broker. I only noticed it because I got my car caught up there and I was driving around trying to find a way out!

Solution none

found by baleent
I ran a car straight into the wheels of an airplane, and my car got warped underneath the city for a few seconds.

Solution none

found by Super Beast
I've had this bug a couple of times now, my PS3 is one of the 80 GB which I haven't heard any problems with. However after I save at roman's apartment and then press the PS button and go to quit game the game crashes and the PS3 just restarts it self. Kinda minor but strange all the same

Solution none

Some bugs found by nikobellic!
One thing that really annoys me.....this should not be happen in a game that has been in development for soo long!! Especially when this service is going to be used all the time!

TAXI's- Always smack into shit when they pull over for you!! Its fucking annoying! and Roman's taxi ploughs through traffic to get to you!
-While on Taxi's....i was out with a girlfriend and tried to get a taxi.....I couldnt get in (glitch #1) but my girlfriend did......and off she went in this bloody taxi (Glitch #2)......I thought " drunk how can I chase down the taxi and get her back?" Well magically my drunk effect was gone! (Glitch #3) Apart from the screen being blury and shaking....

-After playing Multiplayer I quit.....and while Loading to go back to single player mode it froze up.

-My bitch girlfriend Kiki thinks im sleeping with whores.....(this would be a glitch if it wasnt true)

-There are a few more minor ones....i guess that is what some of the reviews touched on.....its disappointing to see these problems still exist!

*These are glitches I have bitched on.....the game is awesome!
Tops to R* and the team for the hardwork gone into it! Sweat, blood and tears!
I guess you guys do it cos it pays, your good at it and you cant do anything else!!

Looking forward to an update though to fix the issues reported!!

Solution none

found by spart
on the 360, this happened twice to me. my game just went to a black screen and i couldnt do anything. so i had to open the disc tray and go to the dashboard. one time i was playing, the other i hit pause and it happened.

Solution none

found by ChandlerBing
I have completed the Story and all activities for Brucie, yet I still haven't been able to unlock the You Got The Message Achievement, whereby you get text messages to deliver specific cars to a Garage in Bohan (apparently). Now I have yet to receive texts or any indication on how to start this side mission.

Solution none

How about The Human Statue?

And a video, just so you don't think I made a lucky snap.

Solution none

found by Evi1d33d
-When I was driving toward the bridge at the beginning of the game when it was still blocked from terrorists attack. I saw a bunch of cars going to the same direction and cars start to run into the police barrier as if they didn't know it's supposed to be there.

Solution none

found by andomhero
I was Going really fast on the highway, And all of a sudden the brigde UNLOADED and i flew off the bridge... that was crazy...

Solution: None

found by Unit Deserviced
There is a problem when doing the text base car missions, you are supposed to get a text message on your phone but that doesen't seem to happen, and it is a real problem for those wanting to get 100% in GTA IV.

Solution: None

Every Time I take the subway and I get off at the Frankfort low station the game puts me under the map and the only way for me to get out is to reload my game, also I believe when I did the three leaf clover mission it was in that same station, and I fell though the map when I walked close to a wall, and I was falling for a good ten seconds and I thought I was going to die, but I ended up back on the street and even though I had a wanted level for the mission no cops were around at all so I just ran around until I found the station entrance again and finished the rest of the mission.

Possible Solution: You have to either reload the game or restart the game.

Found by RudiRulez
If your driving a car or bike and you go onto your camera on your phone your vehicle will just instantly stop.

Solution: None.

Found by Evi1d33d
I stop my bike next to a pole while picking up Roman. So the pole blocked Roman from getting onto the bike and he just repeated bumping into the pole.

Solution: Just wait a few secconds, if it doesen't work restert your console.

Fount by MurphySk8

Stevie's garage door got stuck inside the building's wall, so that I could see inside, but it wouldn't open anymore.

Solution: All you have to do is leave the area to fix it.

Found by Yam Trigger
If you shoot the stage certain inside Mikhail Faustin's club a few times with a shotgun, ridiculously large bullet-holes will appear.

Solution: none really...

Found by ZCAB
Sometimes when I want to take Brucie and his girls for a helicopter ride, I park in the marker, Brucie says something like "get in" and the game gets stuck in the cutscene because he can't get around the car to reach Niko.

Solution none

Posted by origin.2
After I finished the story, with the ending being when kate is dead, and now whenever im just fooling around I get a call on my cell from "Unknown Caller" and it's Kate and she says "I was beggining to hope you were dead. Wanna hang out?" and when I say Yes, I can go a pick her up and date her, wich is wierd being that she should be dead. (plus she's wearing the same clothes she died in.)

choose the alternate ending

Posted by origin.2
When I'm going really fast in a good car on the highway or some straight road, the cars in front of me start glitching out and weving into my car. its really annoying, especially when im running from the cops

Solution Take it slower, don't go so fast.

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