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Whew! i jus made it. my older bro fell asleep @ 11:40 so i slipped out and headed to the midnite launch. Soon as i get there i notice a line turning the corner, my heart dropped and i became really worried. I get out the car to find a smaller line for people who have fully paid the game off, but with them only letting one person in @ a time i became worried about the short time i was on till my bro woke up and calling me askin wtf i was doin. Sure enough after 45 mins of standing in line, being the next one to go in i get the call of a very angry brother, "man i aint got time for you to be standin somewere for some videogame". Lol , but i beat the time and ended up bac home within 10min of him callin me so he couldnt stay mad long.

@ ChiTheDesigner: yea, it suc's cuz theres only one car now since he totalled out his charger, and thats mine its like i dont even get to see my car no more.
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