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Originally Posted by Sethos88 View Post
I think one of the main points is not the look of the game, It's also a PS3 vs Xbox 360 Hardware statement.
Kotaku reported the 360 version had a smoother FPS. So The 360 runs at 720p with smoother FPS, kinda says something about the brute power, even though people keep going on about how the powerful the Playstation 3 is and the Cell processor will decent to earth with angel wings.
It's not really considering that everyone else but Kotaku has discussed the slight graphical superiority of the PS3 version. What if 'kind of' says is that the developers went for 720p on the 360, 630p on the PS3, and ended up doing a better job at 630p.

Still, the difference between 630p and 720p is so minute that the human eye could not accurately distinguish between the two.

Red herring, guys, let's move on!
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