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Originally Posted by Sethos88 View Post
I think one of the main points is not the look of the game, It's also a PS3 vs Xbox 360 Hardware statement.
Kotaku reported the 360 version had a smoother FPS. So The 360 runs at 720p with smoother FPS, kinda says something about the brute power, even though people keep going on about how the powerful the Playstation 3 is and the Cell processor will decent to earth with angel wings.
Kotaku is a joke. They are a gossip site run by casual gamers. They have zero journalistic credibilty. They have been caught several times fabricating stories just to stir up controversy. (i.e. saying that Metallica and their lawyers were trying to postpone GH3 and RockBand because they had a change of heart about their songs being used.)

It's funny how everybody else who reviewed GTA4 has said that the PS3 version is better in framerate/AA/pop-in department. Kotaku is the only website that has said differently.

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