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Originally Posted by rean2 View Post
the ps3 should have its own ethernet cable inside its box so u don't have to use ur computer's ethernet (in the 80gb bundle)
U also need to sign up for PSN to play online, (don't worry its free) but u still need to have parent info and address and credit card (just incase u wanna buy something off of the playstation store)
ok let me ask you one thing were do i go to sign up for psn does it do this when i go online with the ps3 or is it a website i need to go to first?? also when i go to play gta4 when i insert the game and load it up will there just be a option to play multiplayer?? dont really know how the ps3 works at all just bought it today.

also somebody made a comment why would i buy ps3 when i could have bought a cheaper system meaning xbox i take it and my answer to that is i did my research and i dont think i want rrod
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