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Hrvat is an unknown quantity at this point
Originally Posted by Pivac View Post
The point is that they mixed Croatian name Niko and Serbian surname Belić (or Bellic in English). Probably because they didn't think much about it. Who cares, the best solution is Eastern European, so everyone gets satisfied.

But keep in mind, Niko Bellic definitely isn't Russian or Polish name. Trust me.
Perhaps R* disguised his identity?

I'm actually Croat with the name Niko. Like many have mentioned the name Niko is a more Central-European name. Nikola or Nikolai posses a more Balkan feel. His last name can't be pin pointed either as no ex-Yugoslavian last name is spelt with a double L, and our language is all basically the same just different dialects spoken.

I think it's best for the wider audience his identity is kept hidden unless there's a mention of his homeland or something in reference too in the game.
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