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Originally Posted by TimBud View Post
I'm getting it for the 360 purely because its the machine i have right now. And as far as i can see the 360 players are getting a much better deal in the long run!
I'll get a PS3 when it has more good games, but right now there's nothing but GTAIV on the system that interests me.
Yep, that's pretty much me as well. I'll end up getting a Wii before a PS3 - the reason? I have a three-year-old daughter. I can't justify the price for a PS3 when she needs things (well, maybe not needs, as evidenced by the 11 Barbies she currently has). So I think she would have a blast with Nintendo's machine and I just might get my wife into video games as well (instead of the current glazing over of her eyes at any mention of anything 360 related).

Hey, I should probably answer your question. I don't know man; it comes down to slightly more polish on the PS3 version or downloadable content that we know nothing about for the 360... That said, I'm going for 360 because that's what I have.

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