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Originally Posted by krislicoque View Post
I played all the GTA games and completed them on 100%, and yes I had no idea who Dan House was before I just read this.

Right now the only thing holding me from buying a PS3 is the fact that Xbox gets some downloadable content.
Well, I was in the same boat as you and went with the PS3. But I might have been a special case, as I based my decision on which console was a better multi-use platform rather than which console had the biggest game library.

Graphics wise the PS3 version is superior, and I have read several 360 users complaining about the pop-in, but this is only really important if you are a graphics whore. For me, I always hated the pop-in and framerate drops in previous GTA's, so the the PS3 version was just an axiomatic decision.

As far as the DLC, just watch out for people inventing facts. There's little that we really know, and a lot that we don't. Right now, we know that there will be two exclusive add-ons for the 360 featuring episodic content (worth around 10 hours each of gameplay). These two add-ons will be released in August and then late 2008 or early 2009, and almost certainly will have to be purchased.

When it comes to everything else about the DLC, it's all speculation. Jeronimo Barrera of Rock* has confirmed that there will be DLC for the PS3, but didn't offer up any further elaborations. No one knows yet if the exclusivity deal Rock* has with Microsoft will expire or not. Just keep these things in mind.

So finally, whatever decision you make, I'm sure you'll be impressed.
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