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Originally Posted by Neil View Post
If you have any interest in online play though, get the Xbox 360 version. Pretty much everyone online has a headset, which makes a huge difference. I think communication in this game is going to be something very important.

There isn't really an "official" PS3 headset and they certainly don't bundle them with consoles, so no one really uses voice chat on PS3. It's a big disappointment really. Also remember there are many millions more users of Xbox Live than there are of PlayStation Network, although Xbox Live will cost you 39.99 per year. You get a month's free trial in the box with GTA IV.
On PSN everyone that is serious about gaming has a headset, on xbox360 all the little kids have headsets. I much prefer not everybody having a headset. And it's not like you need millions of players to play a game.

Anyway, he's got enough to read about xbox360 vs PS3 so let's not turn this in another one of those threads.

Whatever system you get, you won't regret it.
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