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Thanks to GTA, I can now stop a moving car, pull out the driver and drive away. If I actually was a child and actually pulled an adult of a car, the car would stall as pulling out the driver will cause him to take his foot of the clutch.

Lets say the driver has run away, I will need to put the car in nutural, turn the keys, hold down the clutch, slowly release then begin to use the accelrator before releasing the clutch completely. Anyways I get the care moving, (whats that noise, oh i am in first gear how do I change it?) there are Police coming in front of me, I will break but stall as I forget to push the clutch down. Okay I now brake using the clutch and don't stall, I keep the brake held down and I stay still has brake isn't reverse!

What a simulator there.

I would GLADLY meet Jack Thompson, tell him ^ that ^ followed by: "You FAIL!". I wonder if he knows he fails, and that 98% of the population that know of him hate him.
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