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Originally Posted by kitch31 View Post
im sorry but iv been on a race track before and goin round corners at speed, ( i was not driving) and the car does not wobble from side to side so calling that realistic is false, sorry but it cars simply dont handle like that, they have done as OK job simple as
lol well heres the thing, cars that are on a race track generally are race track worthy... take a full size suburban, or heck even an economy car and try to drive that like a race car, i guarantee it will drive much like what we've seen. Everyday cars do not handle like racecars!

reason it was wobbily was because A: he was hitting curbs B: its a top heavy SUV C: he was turning the front wheels left and right.

that and the leaked video driver cant drive lol

hehe anyone remember the first time they played GTASA and got in that picador (elcamino) go it up to speed and tried to stop? yea you slid alot further than previous GTA's but thats the only car...
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