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unFunGames can only hope to improve
The car handling is genius, and here's why

I love that some of the cars are going to have very bad handling. This makes all the cars very unique, and where it will really shine is in multiplayer.

lets say you need a car badly....well, now you can't just pick the first one you see. you'll need to be selective since a POS could be more trouble than good. In previous GTA/sandbox games I didnt care what car I got into. there wasnt that much of a difference.

learning each car will also be fun. finding that perfect vehicle...getting the hang of the bad ones in case that's all that's available.

it kind of reminds me of getting headshots with bad weapons in COD4. some of them handle tough, but once you get the hang of it you have a sense of accomplishment and, in case you ever need to use it later on, you're prepared.

genius move by Rockstar...and its really going to shine in the multiplayer.
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