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Originally Posted by HH View Post
Yes, actually, I would.

It's unfair towards Rockstar, and it's unfair to the millions of others who pre-ordered, or even those who intend to wait, that some unorganized website delivers their products before a certain streetdate. It's unfair to the developers, retailers (honestly, if a Wal-Mart and a Gamestop are right beside eachother, and you find that Wal-Mart leaked the game, who are you going to buy from? Gamestop then loses sales).

Honestly, if you do get it early (which I doubt, since you aren't proposing to publish a gameplay video), then I honestly and sincerely hope that you are banned from PSN/Xbox Live, purely from the fact that you are taking advantage of Rockstar North's inhability to prevent early launches from happening.

Well it's not HIS fault he gets the game earlier.
What should he do?
Wait till everyone else has it?
Are you that selfish that others can't enjoy a game before you can get it as well?

I'm 100% sure if your retailer gave it out sooner you'd be playing it as well while others had to wait.
I have to wait as well but I don't care if others have it earlier. Neither am I jealous.
They just got lucky and I wish them alot of fun with the game.
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