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IGN talks GTA4 Multiplayer - Free Mode explained

They explain how getting into a match works, which is sort of what I expected (the lobby is you running around in liberty city).

but there is something that worries me...they don't mention matchmaking. All they talk about is inviting people into your party to play with.

Would I be insane to think this is the only way you can play with people online? If it has matchmaking, how is it going to pick the host of the game? What if it picks a moron to be the host?

I'm starting to think this game doesn't have matchmaking....I know that sounds absurd, and it is, but no one is mentioning it, and the way this structure is explained, it's hard to figure out how it would work.

You might say "Saint's Row works the exact same way, so don't worry about it" but Saint's Row didn't offer custom game modes, and the host didn't get to set options. That's the part I can't figure out. If parties meet up into one game, how does one person become the host and what happens when the other people don't want to play what he wants? will you have to sit and wait forever before you find people willing to play what your party wants to play?

This is very confusing.
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