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Originally Posted by SIZZLYBONE View Post
well exactly a week before gta iv comes out
i wake up to find out that i have the red rings of death called xbox and they said it would take around a month til i would have it all fixed

did this bad luck happen to anyone else
Assuming you're in the United States, this is a great alternative(as far as I read):

It's only $49.99 dollars to repair RRoD (+20 for shipping charges.)
people gave it some good reviews.. maybe you should check something like this out.
I guess it beats waiting for a month and a half for a refurbished (and could very possibly be showing signs of wear) 360.
I've had some good luck with my 360. Just made sure to keep it horizontal and in a really cool area. I studied (sort of) how the 360 brings in air and pushes it out the back. I make sure all vents are completely open..

For those of you who have your 360 vertical, take into account the massive amount of air that could come through the bottom of the 360.. Look at the bottom of the 360.. Vents covering the entire surface area of the bottom!

Anyway, best wishes to you, Sizzlybone, I bet you'll have a 360 up and running really soon.
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