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Originally Posted by Asif View Post
Would like to see those 'images' to get this one clarified as true.
May issue of OXM US is under discussion already which contains multiplayer hands-on preview.
Yeah, I'm a touch skeptical. As an OXM subscriber, I usually get the next month's issue at the beginning of the previous month. So, for instance, I got the May issue in early April. The review would have to be in the June issue, which I should receive in early May - that's still 2-3 weeks away. Per the editors, they usually send the finished issue to the printer about 3 weeks in advance of the ship-to-subscribers date. So that would be about now, maybe last week. So, in order for these pics to be real, they would have had to come from OXM directly or the printer. I don't see any way someone from the general public would have access to the issue yet. And if it is from an insider at OXM, why send scans? They shouldn't even have anything to scan, it should all be digital. That means it would have to be a leak from the printer, which would be a pretty big leak and someone really on the inside.

Just my thoughts.
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