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Originally Posted by JJagoff View Post
Hey so you got screwed over by a single PR guy, who couldn't keep his promises... Cheating yourself out of the experience that is GTA IV just seems like you're punishing yourself.

Look at it this way - there's 200 other R* employees who have been working their asses off to give us this game, and at least none of those guys ever screwed you over. I think you owe to them, and to yourself, to enjoy this game. You know it's gonna be awesome.

Yeh I agree

I can understand why you're so upset, I would be and have been in similar situations. A lot of people out there are just cunts basicly, but there are others who aren't. And I'm sure many of the rockstar people would sypaphise with you if they knew your situation. Get the game n enjoy it.

Be positive man im sure you'll get other chances.
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