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Originally Posted by MisterBlanco View Post
if ur mad over a few hours...

Then you sir are a LOSER. Go ahead, flame me, warn me, ban me.

I'm not gonna get the game until Friday. Do I give a shit? No. I could get it Tuesday but im a lazy fucker and I'm busy during weekdays.

Do I think it will be sold out? Hell no. TakeTwo would rather have TOO MUCH copies than too little. I live in a major city with many electronic/game stores.

woopiefucking doo
I'm not a fucking loser. I just feel deserved to have the game the way I want to receive it, there is nothing loser about that. I go through enough shit being in college anyways, gives me a bit of relaxation. If you call yourself a fan I don't know why you wouldn't want the game as early as possible.
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