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Isnt this all amazing!!!

I pointed this exact same thing out not long ago in a thread! I also pointed out the fact that the Aus version would be edited in another thread which I created, pointing out the fact that GTAIV was classified in Aus in DEC 07.

Its so funny that everything I have pointed out has ended up being true and in the news......

EDIT: I just noticed that the source link ends up quoting an email sent by
I sent them an email (dated 6/04/08) quizzing them as to why my copy of San Andreas brought from them was an Australian version.....and asked them if this will be the same as GTAIV........still no reply....but this all confirms it.
"Remembers the day his local games store owner rang to inform him that GTAIV was being postponed to a TBA status, " (July'07)
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