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Originally Posted by X-reS View Post
Yeah that 1 GTAIV contest I lost, I have another 2 I can possibly win.
Yeah, I'm in about 3 more contests right now (there still going), but I actually entered in like a lot (I lost count)...

Jeez, I was kind of wishing for more contests for GTA IV, since that's like the most anticipated game of this year... They need more contests for people to win, it would be good promo for GTA or maybe they don't need promo, b/c everybody's going to get the game anyways... Well, anyways I'm too broke right now... I'm really trying to get a PS3 (b/c I don't own one)... It was between getting a PS3 or GTA IV... So, I'm really trying to get a PS3...


Okay, I'm done complaining...
Does the Pope sh*t in the woods?

Where his Holiness does his business is his business.

Do polar bears sh*t in the woods?

No, but they've been known to sh*t in the liquor tent, if I remember it right.
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