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Hai. I'm ZiggY, though I've gone by many names.
I've been a member of this site back in about 2001, though it seems like my old usernames are either not there, or I just forgot the password since it's been a good seven years. I'm male, 19, in Canada. I don't do anything besides drinking, smoking, and DJing.

Anyway, I thought I wouldn't be getting as amped up this time around for GTA, but here I am. Kind of reminds me of when everyone was just a little of amped up for GTA3, then it just exploded into a frenzy of people. Glad to know I'm one of the few who has had every GTA on it's release date. (except 1969.. though I'm sure that came with GTA1)

So, looks like you guys are stuck with me for a while. Cheers.
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