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Name: Brendon

Age: 14 (born September 12th, 1993 )

Home: Isle Aux Morts, Newfoundland
Random Fun Fact: Isle Aux Morts is French for: Island of the Dead (oooo, Scary)

Hobbies: Computer, Outside with friends, TV, etc, etc.

Favorite game(s): Probably the GTA Series, Guitar Hero Games, a couple of other games as well.

Favorite music: Isn't particularly just one genre, whatever I like I listen to.

Shoe size: 8-9, different types of shoes, different sizes.

I have flown over your land so many times, I never knew people actually lived there though. I always saw it on the plane map like wtf lollo

Originally Posted by Cutts View Post
Name: Jamie Cutts

Age: 14

Home: Gosport, England.

Hobbies: Gaming, Reading, Sports, Music.

Favourite game: Toughie, don't really have one. I try to assure myself it will be GTAIV. Will have to wait and see I guess. I'm playing GTAC at the moment though.

Yahoo Messenger and E-mail:<---- Yahoo Messenger (I know, I think i'm going to change it soon)<---- Email

Favourite music genre and band: Don't have a "favourite" one. If I think its a good song i'll like it.
When you take the ferry over to pompy, about 1 mins into the ferry ride dive off, go to the bottom and you'll find my hard drives lol. my best mate goes to st vincents college and lives just near there. been to gosport loads of times so haha. tis a pretty boring town.
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