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Originally Posted by John Connor View Post
Sony's Playstation is not exempted from problems. There must be an equivalent issue involving the PS3.

Right! their must... of course because sony must have screwed up somewhere. its not like they could have possibly... psshh... i dont know made a good durable console that lasts longer than the xbox...
No one can take the PS3 for what it is...
look the 360 has its problems.
So did the playstation 2 with to DRE... (I got 3...)

but I think sony may have possibly learned how to use more expensive components to create a more durable console... mine is still as strong as the day I bought it (Jan 06)
I am not a PS3 fan boy. I love all consoles equally. Its just sad to see you trashing a good console just because the console you like has its problems.
So please, go back to waiting for your 360 to come in the mail...

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