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I'm good with the idea of fewer leaders, at first just wanted to make sure we had a full team. But yeah I like cutts idea of voting, and the idea of leaders having thier own crew. We can have Bosses, underbosses, muscle, assassins, getaway driver, etc... I like the idea of ranks and titles. It's been brought to my attention some people would rather not be constricted to a suit only online. I purpose if there are different ranks/classes in the crew they have different options of clothes and add more realism.

How many leader/hosts/bosses or whatever you wanna call it?
I think 8 or 10 could be a bit much, but if we all had 7 other crew each, it could work.
Right now there are only 13 of us, and I think thats a prime number so theres no way to evenly divide the leaders and give them an even amount of crew. But, the way I see it as long as the Lords are all on the same team, it shouldnt matter a whole lot.

Okay, my vote is for 4 leaders. 4 underbosses. and 5 crew that can be a class of thier choice.

Once more people join, the 4 leaders can vote on an underboss to become a leader. The underbosses can vote on a crew member to become underboss. That way the more and more people we get to join, the higher ranks will be easier to achieve. The people that move up will do so because thier peers voted on it. Just my idea, what do you guys think?
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