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Originally Posted by A Human Being View Post
So, any of you guys getting the game at midnight when it launches? I will be hosting a multiplayer match that night and I think it would be cool to start working out strategy.

Speaking of strategy, I'm wondering if we will be able to parachute out of helicopters onto roof tops. If so, we should have a chopper drop as many snipers onto roof tops as we can. Maybe even form a sniper triangle on the enemy position.
Hell yeah. In Alderney we can take over the prison (If we can use a chopper to get over the walls). I'm asuming if we turned cops off in a team deathmatch, there would be no guards at the prison.

Originally Posted by Himuro View Post
I'm joining
Welcome to the Lords of Liberty!

And hell yeah i'm getting it midnight. Gonna be tail gating the gamestop parking lot. Mini keg, bbq, all that shit : ) I hope to be one of the first in line.
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