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Originally Posted by NikoteenBellic View Post
Is Ram219 your gamertag?

30 days to get 60 bucks, thats like 2 bucks a day. Just stand by a pay phone in front of a gas station and when people go in ask for 50 cents to use the phone. Depending where your at it could only take an hour to get 2 $. Do this everyday and before you know it GTAIV!

No, but really, I would get a job.
I do have a job. I also have bills.

Rent: $580
Car: $382
Gas/Electric: $200
Other loans: $300
Gas for car: $40 - $60 a week

Not to mention I have a girlfriend that I live with and she has two kids, so money is a little tight right now. things come up.
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