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Originally Posted by RAM219 View Post
hello im havoks friend and i would like to join too if thats ok ?
Is Ram219 your gamertag?

Originally Posted by LoweJR2007 View Post
I'm too broke to get the game when it first comes out
But I'm 23 and any of you can add me to your friends list on here and 360 so when I do pick it up (Maybe a couple weeks after launch) I'll be ready to go.

I have no virtual friends
30 days to get 60 bucks, thats like 2 bucks a day. Just stand by a pay phone in front of a gas station and when people go in ask for 50 cents to use the phone. Depending where your at it could only take an hour to get 2 $. Do this everyday and before you know it GTAIV!

No, but really, I would get a job.
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