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Originally Posted by baleent View Post
Darkheart, does that come from Aesop? Nah, that sounds too serious. Lords of Edge.
I got it... Lords of Liberty! Although the prefix is LOL.

Or the Alderney Alliance. Alderney being our turf.

Or The Dukes of Dukes. But i was hoping we could agree to be an Alderney based crew.

please share your ideas, with enough name ideas we can start voting and make this officail!
Also feel free to PM me any ideas.

Originally Posted by havok_jro View Post
well im only 16, and have accepted your friends request nikoteen.
But dont worry i wont be team killing and screaming down the mic every 2 seconds
so yeah ill get to adding the rest of the team now
It's all good. I have a few 14-15 year olds on my friend list, but they act nothing like the few ADD kids that ruin the very idea of youth.

Welcome to the crew.
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