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Originally Posted by Fuzz_Nuts View Post
I have a 360 with a voided warrantee and it started getting the RROD last december. I spent $10 on the x-clamp fix and now its running perfectly. Not only that but I put some better thermal paste on the cpu and gpu and its running cooler and quieter also. I highly reccomend this over the towel trick and penny fix if your warrantee is no good.
Ive actually been looking into that as some way to get a 360 to lan with my friends at halo parties. (i hate spit screen!) but im to cheap to pay full price for a console which ill hardly use...
I know a couple people who just threw their old 360s away b/c they got the rrod... (they might just be full of shit though...)
I figure maybe giving some one 20-50$ for a 3 rlod 360 and spending 30 bucks on a x clamp fix kit from llama is worth it. (their are people who would rather not bother sending it in to m$)
I may own a 360 soon...
(offers? pm me!)
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