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Well, Let me tell you all a story...

January 4th, there was a burglary on my home, which involved my newly purchased (December 23rd!!) Nintendo Wii, A camcorder, computer and , the most pertainant to the conversation, MY 7 MONTH OLD XBOX 360 ELITE WITH ALL MY GAMES/ACCESSORIES!!!

Luckily, we had a strong idea (we knew) who did it! That Day we went to his girlfriend's house, and she let us look to see if we could find anything. Lo, and behold, In the back of their upstairs closet, under a pile of clothes, was my 360 and all associated games, and controllers. We got it back because that was all the asshole kept in his house. We also got back her computer, but the wii and camcorder were never recovered. That's what renter's insurance is for

Anyway, back to the story. Well the days went on, and near the end of February yet another Pre-GTA IV nightmare came my way. I had seen the evil three flashing lights several times (Yes on my ELITE manufactured date was either 2/2007 or 3/2007) But simple reset would correct the problem. This was different...

I had left Mass Effect in the Xbox on pause while i went to work, like i always did. When I got back, and turned on the controller, the 360 gave me a "this disc is unreadable" error. I took the 3week old disc out to see no scratches, then re-inserted it, and got the same error. About five more times into this I got everybody's favorite lights, but they again went away after a reset. Well after looking on xbox forums, and trying tricks to fix it that error went away...and i got a different error that I saw people getting! After about 2 hours, I finally decided to give up. Luckily, instead of having to to ship it off to Microsoft, I had purchased Best Buy's to year replacement, so I took out my hard drive, went up to Best Buy, and was out with me new Xbox 360 Elite in less than 5 minutes

My manufactured date is 01-01-2008 on this one, so hopefully there will be no problems with this one. And since it was within the first year (I guess because of Microsoft's year warrany) I got to keep the replacement plan. If it goes out again for whatever reason before May 22 I get to exchange it and keep my plan again. Anytime after 5/22/08 I'll have to purchase the replacement plan again. But I've come to the conclusion that after overcoming a very turbulent two months with my 360 GOD WANTS ME TO PLAY GTA IV J/K But I challenge you to bring a crazier true story to the table.
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