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* On the subject of multiplayer... Houser wasn't able to go into much detail, but he did mention being able to get together online in the game with no other goal other than to use it as a meeting place: "I'll meet you in a car and we'll hang and just drive and listen to music, chilling in the car, with your 3D model sat next to me," he says.

This is as close as we've gotten any information as a two-player co-op free-roam in which you and a friend over XboxLive just run around the city and mess around. I'm praying this feature will be in the game as it will be an expanded version on the San Andreas multiplayer from the consoles. The Sa-Mp for the PC always felt a little empty without the pedestrians driving around and mulling on the sidewalks .

And hello to all been lurking on the forums for ages and just got the inspiration (with the new feature sort of being announced) to register
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